These artists and industry heads are strong supporters of wearing  ear plugs. They are #AllEars.


amy lame [london's Night czar]

"Great to see Watch The Hype & Alpine Hearing Protection addressing the important issue of tinnitus. I'm AllEars, are you?"

 bicep [feel my bicep, aus music]

"When it was bad, I couldn't even think, sleep or anything. Just sitting on an aeroplane was awful as it's all I could hear. I use earplugs all the time now when attending clubs."

Robert Hood [M-Plant]

"Glad to be supporting the All Ears campaign event at Oval Space alongside DJ Nobu."

Mor Elian [Hypercolour]

"Beautiful cut [AYYA - Second Mistake] from the sublime VA compilation from PAN. Allow these sounds to wash your ears from any unwanted noise.”

Resom [://about blank]

"For me it was always normal that my ears were ringing after a night out in clubs. If I’d have known that it wouldn't stop ever again, I would have done things differently. Be aware, invest in your listening pleasure by investing in information and hearing protection."

Nachtbraker [Dirt crew recordings, heist]

"The concept 'complete silence' is non-existent for me. That is something I miss the most. At first I really felt down because of it. I’ll have this for the rest of my life, permanent damage. Hence these kind of awareness campaigns are of utmost importance."

Ambivalent [Delft]

"Many of us have this in common - we passionately love the emotional and physical power of music. We all have the same vulnerability - our ears are delicate organs that weren’t built for the modern world. If you love the world your ears bring to you, it’s a must that you protect them. My close call with nearly losing my hearing has driven that lesson home to me deeply."

Forest Swords [Ninja Tune]

"When my ears get a bit tired I find repetition can be really useful, and Steve Reich is the master of that kind of thing. I’ve heard lots of different renditions of ‘Six Marimbas’ and it’s one of my favourite pieces of his. There’s something really pleasing about the sound of all those vibrations working together and weaving in and out of each other."


Jack Christie [container records]

"Buy earplugs immediately and use them, and spread the word about the dangers of not protecting your ears, like the good people at Watch The Hype are."

Throwing Shade [NTS Radio]

"Wear earplugs! That’s all you need to do! And don’t stand right next to the speaker. Why aren’t there posters in clubs? I guess that’s not ‘cool’."

Curses [Safer At Night]

"I’m guilty of forgetting to wear [earplugs] at times, but the best advice would be to just bring them with you EVERYWHERE."

ooukfunkyoo [Youtube channel]

"If you hit the club every week, wear hearing protection. If you make noise music, don't feel like you're invincible to feedback damage, cus' you're not"


DJ Madd [Black Box]

"I remember my ears ringing heavily after a gig and putting on noise-cancelling headphones just amplified that, so I put [Eno - Music For Airports] on and it was pure bliss. Definitely a good one to space out and mask that pesky ringing!"

Drvg Cvltvre [New York Haunted]

"There's a lot you can do to prevent tinnitus. My main advice is rest your ears properly and use earplugs!"

Nathan Melja [Mister Saturday Night]

"I realised, with time, that natural sounds like field recording, tape hiss, are good to my ears."

AYBEE [Deepblak]

"I could not function now without ear protection. Anytime I am going to hear loud music, even movies, my ears are protected. As a musician, the ears are your most coveted asset. I learned through damage to value and protect that."