Safe listening tips

Our ultimate goal is to allow you to continue doing the thing you love without the risk of damaging your hearing. Read our advice below, and enjoy your next dance without worry.


Wear high-fidelity ear plugs

“Ear plugs?! But I want to hear the music.”

It’s a common misconception that wearing ear plugs will ruin your experience at a gig. Well, wet tissue might, but high-fidelity ear plugs won’t. High-fidelity ear plugs are designed for music listening. They contain a filter that gives you a true representation of the music, but will reduce the volume just enough so that no damage is done. 

We highly recommend getting a pair as the primary way to protect your hearing. Read our Ultimate Guide to: Music Ear Plugs and buy high-fidelity ear plugs here


Don’t stick your head in the bass bins

As much as this may sound like fun, your ears won’t like it at all. Standing too close to speakers is the fast-track way to leave the club with ringing ears, and that’s the first sign of hearing damage.

We recommend trying to stand 2 metres away from speakers in your average club, and 10 metres at your average festival.


know how loud is too loud

Ever wondered how loud a club actually is? Check out the scale here to find out, and see the recommended exposure time before damage can occur.

Want to test this for yourself? Download a decibel reader for your phone. Whichever app you get, make sure to use the A-weighted scale for measurements.


take breaks

Give your ears a rest, they need it. Every so often head outside a club for some fresh air, or to the chill-out room, if there is one.

If you’ve had a long session, stay clear of loud music the next day. If you’re at a festival, spend some time away from the stages enjoying the other amenities a festival has to offer.

Remember that hearing damage comes from a combination of loudness and exposure time. The longer you are exposed to a sound, the more likely it is to damage your ears.

"It's too late, my ears are f*cked."

This is one of the most common things we hear when speaking to people at clubs & festivals. It’s never too late to start protecting your ears. If you already have hearing loss, following the steps above will make sure it doesn’t get any worse. For those living with tinnitus, check out our 5 key tips for coping with the condition by clicking the button below.


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