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Our Story

Tinnitus is a condition that we at Watch The Hype feel passionately about helping to prevent. It resonates closely with us as one of our co-founders, Matt, struggles with the condition. In the spring of 2016 Matt unfortunately acquired tinnitus as the result of long spurts of clubbing without hearing protection in multiple UK venues. He then turned towards the free earplugs available, however quickly discovered these are always poor quality foam types that made him feel like he was raving underwater...

It wasn't until Matt found Alpine's PartyPlugs that he was able to fully enjoy dance music again. Today, our whole team at Watch The Hype wear high-fidelity earplugs and do not leave for the club without them.

Alpine's international expertise in manufacturing earplugs has led to creating the best low-cost high-fidelity hearing protection on the market. When we got in touch with Alpine, their passion for protecting our hearing truly shone through.

It is now our combined goal to educate those at the heart of the scene and help prevent more cases like Matt’s. That's why Watch The Hype and Alpine are #AllEars.