"Keep yourself busy and give your tinnitus less attention"

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I got my Tinnitus in January 2018 after DJing in a club without wearing ear plugs. I was really upset and disappointed when I was told by my audiologist that there’s no cure for it and that, in some cases, it goes away on its own. If it doesn’t the only option is to get used to it.  

In the first four and a half months, I coped quite well with it! I had exams and a thesis to keep me busy, and continued to play using musician ear plugs. It only bothered before I went to sleep, but I was used to watching movies or TV shows before sleeping, and this made it easier. Things got a little bit harder when I had some time off between my Masters and the start date of my employment. With so much free time spent at home, my tinnitus became a bigger problem, probably because I was thinking too much about it.  So to anyone reading this: Keep yourself busy and give it less attention. It’s a noise in your head that the less you think about it, the less you hear it.

I am now trying a few therapies that deal with the anxiety stemming from Tinnitus, which will hopefully have a positive impact on my Tinnitus too. I’m being healthier and I’m also planning to take a short break from music to increase the chances of my ears getting better. Am I 100% happy? It’s still there but it doesn’t drive me crazy anymore. It makes me sad sometimes and frustrated, but it’s not life threatening and there’s always a chance that it will go away one day. Overall I’m psychologically much better than I was a couple of weeks ago and the only change was my mindset. Obviously, I still hope that my Tinnitus goes away ☺ 

If I had to give some advice after my experience with tinnitus over the past six months:

  • Wear ear plugs always!
  • Even if you wear ear plugs, take short breaks and go outside the club 
  • If you’ve had ringing in your ears for more than a few hours, speak to an audiologist. 
  • If you have tinnitus: speak to your audiologist about Hyperbaric therapy – The increased circulation from this type of therapy might help your ears get better. The earlier you do this the better (preferably the first few days after you notice the ringing).
  • Make sure you distinguish your tinnitus and the anxiety caused by your tinnitus – they are two separate things that you need to address differently. 
  • Speak to your family and friends about what you’re thinking and how you feel about it. They’ll be happy to help.
  • Finally, don’t read a lot on the internet. 

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