REVIEW: Farr Festival 2018

Farr festival, like most electronic music festivals, came from humble beginnings in 2009. Evolving from a small gathering of music lovers into one of the UK's leading boutique electronic music festivals, last weekend marked its 9th birthday. We brought All Ears to Farr for the first time, partnering with the festival to offer education and protection (Alpine music ear plugs) against tinnitus. Although we were manning the stand most of the time, we did get to briefly experience Farr's stages, sound systems and food traders. Here's a few of the highlights of this year's event and why we're already thinking about next year...

Favourite Stage: The Shack

Situated at the back of an open bowl deep in the woods with its shanty-town vibe, its Function One sound system was tuned superbly. In previous years Farr has had some issues with sound. This year they addressed them head on, putting out an article explaining they'd worked tirelessly since last year "to ensure that the sound levels and quality across all stages is improved for everyone coming this year." I've got to say, having attended in 2017 also, it was definitely an improvement. During the day the sound was crisp and weighty, The Shack offering a powerful and immersive experience. As it got dark it sounded like the systems were still turned down a touch in due to their license (peaking at around 98db). Despite this the atmosphere was electric, seeing by a plethora of acts bring their A-game; notably Or:la, Dixon and Geddes. 

Favourite food stand: Aachi

Offering up just one Tamil dish and a handful of organic drinks at their first festival, it was a bold step into the unknown for Aachi. They, however, looked like they'd been doing it for years. The food was delicious, presenting an insight into a unique cuisine by serving up a traditional “kothu roti” beautifully wrapped in a banana leaf. Through one dish they captured the taste buds of many festival goers (including me). 

Not only was their single-dish menu bold, but also their focus on complete sustainability. Reducing Farr's carbon footprint was at the forefront of this year's festival and Aachi's ethos also fit perfectly into this objective. Everything was supplied in biodegradable or recyclable packaging, the food responsibly sourced and even their cooking equipment used no plastics at all! You can check their Instagram out here

All Ears results 

Alongside all these delights the most important, and rewarding, experience of our weekend was protecting attendees hearing. Farr from the off were incredibly supportive of the campaign, working with us months before to ensure attendees were educated about tinnitus and those who wished to protect their hearing were able to do so. Due to this our partnership was very successful, protecting over 130 people's hearing with music filter earplugs and spreading the conversation even further. From the staff and attendees to artists and other traders, the response was incredible. It was great to see Farr thrive and grow this year. We're very much looking forward to being a part of it in 2019. 

Festival season is Farr from over. Catch us at Truck festival from 19th July and reserve music filter earplugs ahead of the weekend here

Written by Oli Katz