OOUKFunkyOO shares a short insight into his tinnitus


We've long been fans of OOUKFunkyOO's YouTube channel. The blend of dusty, emotional house music with chopped up retro videos is a testament to his excellent taste. Alongside the likes of Hurfyd and Moskalus, OOUKFunkyOO's channel is responsible for championing many unsigned artists, giving them a platform to promote their sounds.

We got in touch with OOUKFunkyOO to ask him to shed some light on his tinnitus and provide those lucky enough to have escaped it so far with some advice.

How long have you had tinnitus?

If I do have it, which I think I do... at least 5/6 years now

How has tinnitus impacted on your life?

Not drastically, sometimes it's worse than others and I just hear a ringing at different volumes which I can control the intensity of, depending on where I hold my head.

What are the problems you encounter as a result?

It's more difficult to hear and comprehend silence, honestly this is it.

What advice do you wish you had been given prior to suffering from tinnitus?

If you hit the club every week for a job, wear protection... If you make noise music, don't feel like you're invincible to feedback damage, cus' you're not.