"to access my stage you had to walk through a massive vagina" - A conversation with Dan shake


Known all too well as the first non-Detroit artist to be signed to Moodyman’s reputable Mahogani Music, Daniel Rose-Weir has been careful not to rest on his laurels since the stars aligned for his first ever release as Dan Shake in 2014. To little surprise, four busy years for the London-based artist have followed: more than six releases on four different labels, the creation and continuation of his ‘Shake Tapes’, and a bustling touring schedule that has seen him touch down in venues and festivals across the world. By anyone’s standards that pretty good going – particularly for someone who semi-credits their recent rise to an Ejay Xtreme CD found in a box of Shreddies during their early teens.

Now holding down a regular Rinse FM slot and engaged in a jam-packed touring schedule busier than ever, Dan began to notice the unwanted effects of regular high volumes. It’s a common problem for many artists and DJs, and one that has varying levels of severity. Elaborating more on his experiences within the music scene Dan talks us through his tinnitus, wearing ear plugs and what he's coming up next! 

Do you suffer with tinnitus?

A faint ringing, but not bad enough to affect my day to day.

When did you notice it and what do you find helps?

I noticed it a few months back, most definitely due to music. There's nothing I find that helps as much, it's more that I just notice it when I’m in quiet environments. So playing some background music etc. can distract it.

When, and why, did you start wearing earplugs?

I've always had custom earplugs, but its only recently that I’ve really pushed myself to wear them at every show. I find it hard to DJ with them in as it kind of takes you out the vibe a little, but I’m training my ears to be fine with them. Tactics like wearing them before you enter the club so your ears adjust to the quieter volume level.

Have you seen a shift in the perception of hearing protection since starting out?

Not so much, I think more people are talking about it but that's about it.

Is there anything you think that could increase awareness and prevent more people from damaging their hearing?

I wish more clubs would hand out earplugs, or put signs up so it’s more obvious.

On another note, what are you working on at the moment?

New release on the way, couple remixes...watch this space!

Favourite festival you've played this year?

The Tower Fest, a tiny festival in the middle of Grimsby. To access my stage, you had to walk through a massive vagina...

Time for a plug, anything you want the people to know about?

More edits...Shake Tapes 5/6 coming out soon ;-)

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Intro by Fred Billyard