Curses has protected his ears since his early rave days


Luca Venezia aka Curses is a NYC-born, Berlin-based producer and DJ who likes to morph the styles of Rock & Roll and Electronic music. His sound is deep and emotive, with elements of Italo, Electro and New-wave all intertwined into a contemporary Techno style.

From his early days of clubbing Luca has looked after his hearing by wearing earplugs. Two decades later and a successful career in music, this prevention method has worked. Yet, he is still weary of tinnitus, and thus will not leave the house without his earplugs. “So far so good. I am terrified of getting it though, I must be frank.”

Here, Luca gives us some background into his life as Curses, and provides some advice on hearing protection for both DJs and clubbers.

Hey Luca, how are you?

Great, what's up!

What have you been up this summer?

A lot of travelling, was a busy summer DJing, but I also managed to fit in some vacation time and escape the clubs like island hopping in Croatia.

How long have you been wearing earplugs?

My parents enforced it since when I was a teenager going to raves, so over 20 years now.

You’ve been releasing music four over a decade now, how do you think tinnitus awareness has changed since you entered the scene?

The technology of earplugs has changed dramatically, so I think the awareness has grown as well.

Having grown up in New York and moved to Berlin, do you see a difference in the amount of artists and fans wearing earplugs between each city?

Absolutely. The hours spent in a NYC club versus hours, sorry... days, spent in a Berlin club play a huge role in protecting your ears as a musician. I’ve noticed way more DJs and producer friends wearing them in Berlin.

If there’s one piece of advice you could give to artists and/or fans with regard to protecting their ears, what would it be?

It's not easy keeping up the habit of wearing earplugs out in a club, especially if you're not DJing that night and just out seeing friends play. I think this is where wearing them becomes crucial, and the danger of tinnitus comes into play.

I’m guilty of forgetting to wear them at times, but the best advice would be to just bring them with you EVERYWHERE.

For DJs: after a mix is done between tracks, turn down the monitor. I know we all love it loud, trust me I definitely do, but after years of blasting it during a set, time leads to damage.

What’s next for you?

I just had an EP drop on London label Snap Crackle & Pop, Another View, with killer remixes from The Golden Filter and Inga Mauer. I have a lot of remixes coming out over the next few months, and then the album is scheduled to finally drop in the spring of 2018.

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