Farr Festival is All Ears!


Farr Festival is an event that's close to our home and our hearts. Set in the beautiful Bygrave woods just North-West of our home city, it's one festival we've attended consistently over the passed few years, and worked with multiple times through Watch The Hype.

This year, with their all improved weighty soundsystems, they're paying even closer attention to detail to their sound quality. So it's an absolute pleasure to announce that we're now working alongside them to protect your hearing. 

At the festival, we'll be running a Q&A workshop to discuss the issues concerning hearing damage within the dance music community and beyond. We'll also have a stall throughout the festival where you can come take a break from the music, have a chat with us about safe listening and also buy quality hearing protection.

If you're attending Farr Festival this year, you can reserve your earplugs ahead of time via the button below to get them for the discounted price of £9.99!

Written by John Carter