Einzelkind on the importance of club soundsystems


Einzelkind has got more than enough humour to go around. When the Frankfurt-based Cuban, Arno Völker, isn't playing out at Europe’s premiere nightclubs, he's poking fun at techno clichés, be it with his biography on Resident Advisor ('Blabla..Kraftwerk..blablabla..music was his first love..blabla..father had a record collection or played in a band..blablablabla..Omen..') or by sharing hilarious 'that's so Berlin' comedy clips on Facebook.

Einzelkind has earned this right to criticise due to the singular, consistent nature of his work over the last 12 years. Whether it’s on his own brilliant productions, which vary from 2007’s stabbing, tribal ‘Maferefumeco’ to his recent, ethereal The Hoal EP or the upcoming talent he supports on his labels La Peña and Pressure Traxx, Einzelkind’s output is always defined by a playful character that that defies generalisation.

All Ears thought it would be worth asking this distinct character to chime in on the very serious issue of hearing damage in dance music.

In the last few days you've played some of the best clubs in the world, which do you think has the best sound?

I really had a luxurious week with some amazing soundsystems. This is not normal as there are still many clubs out there with the wrong focus. The music and therefore the quality of the sound should be the heart of any club, and the clubs that I visited the last week all had their shit together. So big shout out to Robert Johnson, Rex Club, Vent, Veniceberg and Folklor for this nice experience.

It is hard to tell which one has the best sound as this is also quite a matter of taste but my heart is with Robert Johnson in Offenbach. I’ve had my residency there for more than 10 years now and this is the place where I learned, laughed and danced the most so it will always be my number one. The sound there is really top notch.

If you had to uproot and set yourself up in a new scene, where would you go?

My friend Jorge from Spain has this new vegan flute ensemble in Neukölln, they also do Isberia Yoga and Energy through pillow whistle. I would be totally down if I wasn’t be so busy with all this house music.

Do you think tinnitus is a larger issue in Techno than in other ends of the electronic spectrum, such as drum'n'bass?

I don´t think so.

Do you feel there is more awareness of tinnitus in the dancers now than there has been in the past?

It is our responsibility to take care of the dancers. With good soundsystems, DJs that run the mixer on a decent level and free ear protection gear for the sensitive ones or the ones that already suffer from tinnitus.

High quality earplugs can help dancers to hear musical details without overwhelming bass. Do you want this for your crowds?

I would prefer to have a law for clubs to run good soundsystems on a level that is fine. For example, after a night at any club with a really good soundsystem I don´t have problems with my ears. But as this is not the case everywhere it would be great to have high quality earplugs available more often.

Do you think high profile figures in dance music have done enough to protect dancers' ears? Is it not their job?

It is the job of the DJ to operate the mixer on a decent level and take care of the frequencies he sends out there. It is the job of the club owner to provide a situation where you can enjoy and feel the music without ruining your ears.

What’s coming up next for you?

Pressure Traxx turned 6 this year so we’re havin’ a little tour through some of our favorite clubs. You should come and throw some cake for example on the 25th of May at Robert Johnson where we’re gonna have a really special live act joining us.

Apart from that I set up my new studio and I am quite busy with the beats. Some new releases coming your way:

  • Einzelkind - The Hoal EP. - Naural 007
  • Einzelkind & Giuliano Lomote - Surrounded by You EP - Pressure Traxx Silver Series
  • Harlo (Einzelkind & Charlotte T.) - Belmondo EP. - Harlo
  • Implosive Inc. - Birds of Canada EP - Implosive Inc.

To name a few...

Stay tuned: www.einzelkind.wtf

Written by Will Soer