Alexis Tyrel's unfortunate hearing problem


Alexis Tyrel released his first single under this alias in 2006, formed as a way to put more of his focus on electro. But, he has been a part of the electronic music scene for decades, “getting infected with the hardcore virus” aged ten, turning to DJing, followed by a move to producing after creating the label Lessismore in 2003. Since 2011, when he released his first Alexis Tyrell album, the moniker has become less of a side-project, taking over from Gideon as his main focus in his producing life. He continues to produce at an incredible rate, with four albums coming out in the next few months, and more in the pipeline following that.

The unfortunate incident that caused the damage to his ears seems far less preventable than the noise-induced tinnitus that often gripes those in the music industry. Nonetheless, he battles with similar issues everyday to many others, regardless of the cause. We spoke with him about how the condition has impacted upon his life and career, as well as what music can do to help.

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Tell us about your unfortunate hearing problem.

It was Friday the 13th and at that time I was still in University. I got into a car accident, nothing major, just someone bumped into me. When I opened my window to exchange all the information for insurance, the guy instantly hit me against my ear. Since then, I have had a constant cracking noise in my ear. I can assure you, nobody would want this. It makes you a bit crazy. I hear a cracking noise more than a 1000 times a day.

In what way, if any, has it affected your performance?

It was one of the factors that led to my six year break from music and performing. So, one could say that has had an impact.

Do you wear earplugs?

At the moment I do not go clubbing as I am working a lot in the studio to finish my upcoming albums, so I don’t use earplugs right now. But when I am going on the road again, I will, if I do not lose them again and again. I am a bit chaotic in some things...

Do you feel there is any stigma against wearing earplugs in clubs?

To me there is no stigma, I see people wearing them. I think it is accepted.

Have you noticed a growth in conversation about ear protection over more than fifteen years in the industry?

Yeah of course, it is a known topic for the last couple of years. And it is a good thing, I can tell you, you do not wanna have trouble with your ears, it is really not pleasant.

Where should responsibility be placed regarding ear protection? With the individuals or the clubs?

Personally I am not a rule kind of guy, so using rules for me should only be when there is no other way. I think people should be able to manage doing this themselves.

Do you think your experience with the condition has influenced your productions at all?

That is really hard to say, but I can tell you that when listing to music I experience less unpleasantness than when not. At night when it is quiet, I hear the cracking sound dominating my hearing. This is a problem for sleeping.

Could music be used as a healthy distraction from tinnitus/hearing problems?

I my case, yes, but I can not judge the cases of others. I can only tell you that having troubles with your ears should be something that should be avoided. Like I said, it makes me crazy sometimes. It feels like an itch you cannot scratch.

Congratulations on your recent album on Lessismore. What's coming up next for you in music?

I think you are talking about I Know You Know I Know. After that it is Darkside Of The Sun, Outcast From Darkness and Finding Transmat Enterprise. All of these albums will hit the stores soon. After that I am working on two Electro albums, so that makes six! Four more to go after that and then it is DJ time, I think!

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Written by Alex Pigott