Tinnitus Week 2018 - an international collaboration

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At some point in their lives, around 30% of the world’s population will suffer from tinnitus - irreparable damage to the ears which can lead to a complete loss of hearing. According to the World Health Organisation, there’s a whopping 1.1 billion of us between the ages of 12 and 35 that are at risk from losing our hearing due to recreational sounds that we hear in our day-to-day.  

Our focus at All Ears is to increase awareness and understanding of the risks and effects of tinnitus, and slowly but surely to bring down these statistics. It’s a deeply personal campaign for us, with one of our founders suffering from the condition. So that makes this week – officially Tinnitus Week – especially poignant. We wanted to take this chance to let you know what’s going on at All Ears, what’s going on with our partners at Alpine Hearing Protection, and most importantly, what steps are being taken to take better care of our hearing across the world.

2018 marks the first ever Tinnitus Week, with the launch of the official website: tinnitusweek.com. We’re pleased that a bunch of high profile international charities have come together to raise awareness of the crippling impact tinnitus can have on those who suffer from it. A merging of the best in research and support platforms; British Tinnitus Association have joined forces with Tinnitus Hub, the American Tinnitus Association and Tinnitus Research Initiative, with further contributions from Action on Hearing Loss, Better Hearing Australia, Deutsche Tinnitus-Liga and HEARsmart. Pulling together all their resources, the new website will act as a central resource; a go-to to learn about all the events and campaigns taking place across 2018.

British Tinnitus Association will be using this week to focus on the youngest sufferers. ‘Kids Talk Tinnitus’ is a new initiative which will see the organisation reaching out to kids, parents and schools, finding fun and interactive ways to make the facts of tinnitus more accessible to children.

In the meantime, our focus remains on you – the dancers. Alpine Hearing Protection, our official partners and the creators of the PartyPlug earplugs which now look after our ears every weekend, are partnering with Action on Hearing Loss in a national campaign to prevent hearing damage. Amongst the British population, and particularly amongst those with a penchant for the club, it’s still the case that relatively little is known about the dangers of nightclub sound systems on our hearing. It’s fair to say too, that even when punters are aware of the risk, still very few will actually do something about it and wear hearing protection. We are working to change this. 

As for us? We’re delighted to have recently announced new partnerships with E1 London and fabric, and we’re popping up in the dance more and more in London, Leeds and Bristol. Look out for the #AllEars booth at Corsica Studios, E1, fabric, Wire, The HiFi Club and Motion. This week we’ll be in Leeds and Bristol and you can catch us at the following parties:

Wednesday 7th Feb - Delphïc presents: nthng at Wire, Leeds
Friday 9th Feb - Ossia with Young Marco at HiFi, Leeds
Friday 9th Feb - Butter Side Up with Vera & Jane Fitz at Wire, Leeds
Saturday 10th Feb - Junction 2 w/ Adam Beyer b2b Ida Engberg, Scuba, Nina Kraviz at Motion, Bristol
Saturday 10th Feb - Dimensions - DJ Stingray 313, Silicon Scally at Wire, Leeds

Got a ticket to one of these already? Head to our reserve page to order your PartyPlug earplugs in advance and we’ll have them ready for your arrival. You can cop a pair for £10.99, a very small price for a very big cause as far as we’re concerned.

Written by Katie Thomas