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In 2017, a year of unfathomable political decisions across the globe, the electronic music scene once again has continued to thrive. Perhaps due to healthy political discourse, perhaps not, but take a look at the various "best of" lists and you'll be met with innovative, boundary-pushing music across the board.

Progression is not only evident in the music being released, but in the vast and continually-growing community that keeps the scene alive. Now, more than ever before, this community is discussing highly important issues with regard to safety, equality and health, and industry leaders are responding. Clubs, in particular, are taking action to be more responsible for their attendees, and rightly so. With the closure of pioneering dance music venues including fabric in 2016 (which has thankfully reopened) and The Rainbow Venues less than two months ago, it's paramount that our beloved clubs make the necessary steps to ensure they can continue to succeed and push dance music forward in a positive way.

One way in which clubs have taken a huge leap in the right direction is protecting our hearing. Following many discussions on the subject of tinnitus and hearing damage, clubs have decided to take significant action. Since launching in October 2017, All Ears has partnered with 12 highly prestigious, forward-thinking clubs across the UK to help protect your hearing. With these venues we have laid a foundation for a safer, more enjoyable clubbing experience.

In just 3 months, All Ears has attended 25 events, protected over 1,000 pairs of ears, and discussed hearing protection with 10,000 individuals. This is just the beginning. We are not here only to raise awareness. We are not passing through. We are fully dedicated to protecting our community's hearing, and 2018 will prove to you just that.

This year our positive impact on the music scene will continue to grow. We will:

  • strengthen our existing venue partnerships by providing an increased presence
  • expand our number of venue partnerships across the UK
  • bring our campaign to UK festivals this summer
  • work more closely with record stores, music societies and universities to educate the scene
  • provide talks and discussions at music conferences

All Ears in 2018 begins with Play It By Ear on Friday 12th January. Here, we will be working with a multitude of partners to raise money for British Tinnitus Association. Following this, we will be revealing our upcoming events for January and February. We also have a huge venue partnership to announce in the coming weeks!

Our work so far couldn't have succeeded without the continued support from Alpine Hearing Protection, our partnering venues, supporting artists and the dance music community. Thank you to everyone we have worked with so far, and all those we have had the pleasure of discussing hearing protection with.

We look forward to changing the dance music scene for the better in 2018. Watch this space.

John Carter
All Ears

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