All Ears partners with fabric

All Ears is incredibly excited to announce a new partnership with one of the UK’s most iconic clubs - fabric! We will be attending select nights over the course of 2018, offering advice about tinnitus and hearing damage, and ensuring club attendees have the opportunity to protect their hearing without compromising their clubbing experience.

Our partnership will launch on the 17th of February at Craig Richards & Ricardo Villalobos, followed by Bicep on the 24th. Looking to March and beyond, the amount of events at which we will be present will increase. See below for all upcoming dates:

17.02 | fabric: Craig Richards & Ricardo Villalobos
24.02 | fabric: Bicep (DJ Set), Jonas Kopp & Anastasia Kristensen
09.03 | Forms presents Kölsh b2b Michael Mayer
10.03 | fabric: Helena Hauff, Umfang + more
16.03 | FABRICLIVE: Holy Goof Launch
24.03 | fabric: Marcel Dettmann, François X + more

As always, it is highly important to promote the necessary discussion around hearing protection. To achieve this, an All Ears area will be set up within fabric, with representatives offering advice and providing high-fidelity earplugs. In order for club attendees to guarantee themselves a pair, these Alpine PartyPlug earplugs will also be available to reserve ahead of the events through forms present on their associated ticket pages.

So, if you're planning on heading to our beloved fabric any time soon, make sure you reserve your pair of earplugs with us below!

Written by Oli Katz