All ears teams up with King's College DJ Society


Tinnitus is one of those conditions you never realise is an issue until you have it, and by then it’s too late to get rid of. Currently, there is not enough awareness amongst young people to prevent the issue before it happens. Our goal at All Ears is to combat this, creating awareness from an early age and helping people to protect themselves using high-fidelity earplugs.

Partnering up with the DJ Society at King’s College London, we aim get the message out far and wide. As the largest student-led electronic music community, it is a perfect gateway to spread the message to a group of potential upcoming music professionals and a huge group of dance music fans. They provide DJ and production tuition, giving opportunities and confidence to those that may have otherwise lacked it. As a result their members can be seen performing across London, most recently supporting the likes of Doc Daneeka, xxxy, and Earl Jeffers.

KCL DJ Society also hosts many of its own nights, providing discounted tickets to its many members and open deck opportunities to give up and comers an opportunity to showcase their skills. Through this partnership we will ensure all their members are aware of tinnitus, that constant ringing in your ears often experienced after prolonged exposure to loud music. All it takes is a pair of earplugs, and by ensuring young musicians understand this, we are taking big steps in protecting their ears before the damage is done. Keep up to date with KCL DJ Society through their website. 

Written by Alex Pigott