Drvg Cvltvre's main issue with tinnitus is sleeping problems


The man behind Drvg Cvltvre, Vincent Koreman, has been producing for over two decades under a plethora of aliases. From IDM to Electro to Hip Hop, he's succeeded at a myriad of styles over the years.

However, these years of intense dance music have taken a serious toll on Vincent's hearing. In 2005 he noticed his tinnitus wasn't going to leave him, and since it has seriously affected his life. Read about his experience below.

How long have you had tinnitus?

I've had hearing problems since about 2000/2001 - tinnitus that doesn't go away since 2005.

How has tinnitus impacted on your life?

It’s something you need to take into account the entire time. As a DJ and performer you are easily subjected to sub perfect circumstances. Monitors that are not clear and crisp, but just loud in all the wrong frequencies.

Besides that not every club has a decent backstage, which is something you really need to rest your ears. And if there is one, it's usually crowded with people smoking and doing drugs, so I don't want to hang out there, which forces me to be somewhere in the club.

What are the problems you encounter as a result?

Sleeping problems, having to have background noise on in the bedroom just to keep the beeeeeeeeeeeeep down. I listen to the radio a lot on low volume to help me sleep.

Also you have to take this into account when you are producing. I'm not mastering records anymore, because I don't trust the higher frequencies anymore. When I'm producing I can see what I'm doing on the EQ readout, but mastering is also about feeling the sound and I had to quit doing that around 2005 as well.

What advice do you wish you had been given prior to suffering from tinnitus?

There's a lot you can do, but its not so cool when you are younger. Rest your ears properly! USE EARPLUGS! Stay away from crowded rooms, bars, shows and parties or put your earplugs in. People talking creates a LOT of volume.

Produce on a low volume, don't crank it up all the time. Your ears get tired after a while, so take a short break after every hour you are working on music and go outside.

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