Resom advises the industry on preventing tinnitus


To kick off our All Ears interview series we had a good chat with none other than Resom. A music lover with no interest in specific genre ties, she has become a highly respected selector with her residency at Berlin's ://aboutblank, and perfectly fits within the club's grounded ethos of supporting collective interests before economic. Subsequently, her skills behind the decks have found her recognised worldwide, taking her gig schedule to new heights.

However it hasn't all been plain-sailing. For the majority of Resom's DJ career she's struggled with tinnitus, and she has a lot to advise the industry on the topic of hearing protection. Below, Resom takes us through her story and provides some tips for clubs, DJs and music fans.

"I definitely can only support your effort in hosting those kind of campaigns. Our hearing situation is so important and our health pretty much underrated when it's about listening pleasure. Having fun in a safe situation is so much more fun.

"For me it was always normal that my ears were ringing after a night out in clubs. But I had one situation when I had just started to DJ and I was invited to play in a bigger club. The DJ playing before me didn't adjust the monitoring properly, so when I took over the decks I wasn't aware of the speaker's loudness because the sound of the monitors was pretty much rubbish. Of course I made the mistake of turning up the volume at first, even though I could even feel that it hurt me, and after that gig my ears were ringing again. If I would have known that it wouldn't stop ever again, I would have done things differently... you know.

"So in my honest opinion, a special focus of awareness should be pointed in the direction of DJs who don't understand that the colour red on the mixer has a meaning - that loud means actually loud. It's like gambling with the responsibility performers have to the dancers' listening.

"I know so many people who play with customised ear protection who are not aware that it's simply louder in the booth for DJs around you - worst case: playing b2b with someone who wears earplugs. Why not simply lower the volume instead? If it's good music, you can listen and feel it on a low volume too!"

How long have you had tinnitus?

Since 2005 but it's pretty okay if I don't concentrate on the beep.

How has tinnitus impacted on your life?

When I'm stressed and have not slept enough it simply can kill my concentration. Then it takes all my attention and it sounds like: BEEEEEP.

What are the problems you've encountered as a result?

Loss of concentration mostly.

What advice do you wish you had been given prior to suffering from tinnitus?

  • Be aware - invest in your listening pleasure by investing in information and hearing protection. Get your own customised ones, it really makes sense!
  • Spread the word and give feedback to the people performing if it's too loud for you.
  • Go to the doctor if you feel any ringing for longer then expected - don't be afraid to ask for help.

For clubs:

  • Invest in a good soundsystem and good monitoring for the performers.
  • Invest in ear protection for clubbers. Do not gamble with the health of others, as this will hit you back with a loud beep.

Please also check this link for more information on protecting your ears.

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