Safe exposure times at Festivals


Festivals are loud. But you already knew that didn't you. Just how loud, and what is considered a safe exposure level? 

Safe exposure levels depend on three key factors; intensity (loudness), duration (time of length) and frequency (how often). These are all intertwined and contribute to the overall sound energy level that a person is experiencing. The total amount of exposure a person can safely hear remains fairly constant. 

You start to risk suffering hearing damage if you remain in an environment with noises of 85 decibels for longer than 8 hours. With each 3 decibels, the amount of time you can stay in that environment is cut in half. This is because with each 3 decibels, the sound becomes twice as loud. This means you can stay in an environment at 88 decibels for 4 hours without the risk of suffering hearing damage; in an 91 decibel environment just 2 hours, etc. Taking into account the average noise at a festival, it's ruffly 15 minutes.  

The good news is there are lots of ways to ensure you minimise the risk of damaging your hearing and ensuring the next festival sounds as good as the last, including wearing high-fidelity ear plugs. Check out some of our recommendations here and here. We're All Ears, are you? 


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